Academic Spin-Off Company


Biggest and oldest Czech university

  • Established in 1348 by Czech king and Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV
  • 17 faculties in 3 cities
  • 50,918 students (6,710 Ph.D. students)
  • 8,634 employees (3,971 academic workers, 1,099 researchers)

Network of modern, diagnostic laboratories

  • Clinical biochemistry, hematology, clinical immunology and serology, clinical microbiology, medical genetics

    Investment and consultancy company

    • Management and marketing company
    • Vast experience in the field of bio-tech, healthcare and molecular diagnostics

    Who we are

    As a spin-off of Charles University, GeneSpector Innovations (GSIN) has a direct access to its state-of-the-art research and cutting-edge technologies as well as to its researchers

    • Allows constant growth of GSIN portfolio and R&D teams

    SPADIA LAB, a.s. is a crucial element of GSIN success thanks to its involvement in commercial laboratory diagnostics

    • Provides implementation and testing of developed solutions
    • Provides insight and information regarding real-life market needs and bottlenecks that are directly addressed and resolved by GSIN products

    Thanks to its close ties to Czech Academia, GSIN is constantly expanding its partnership network among other universities and research institutes to provide the best our academic sector can offer