Simplifying the Lab Flow in Molecular Diagnostics

We are bringing the simplicity to the diagnostic lab.

Analysis of genetic material is one of the key tools used in routine clinical diagnostics. The first essential step of such analyses involves extraction of nucleic acids from a given source material. Commonly available kits used for this purpose are usually limited to extraction from just one or few source materials at most. Clinical laboratories and other users are consequently bound to buy several different kits, each dedicated to a narrow source type spectrum. This is not only inconvenient but also costly.

We are developing a new protocol that would serve as a unified tool for nucleic acids extraction from human whole blood, dry blood spots, blood plasma, blood serum as well as saliva and urine. Our approach is based on technology of DNA and/or RNA extraction via magnetic beads, which we have already successfully implemented in COVID-19 swab test diagnostics. Emphasis is put on minimum source sample input, high method throughput, simplicity of the protocol, and sufficient yields together with high purity of the obtained genetic material, immediately ready for subsequent PCR analysis.

Whether one deems to check for the presence of a specific target gene in a test sample or wants to quantitatively assess the level of gene expression, our extraction protocol will provide a simple and direct bridgehead for such analyses from almost any routinely used source. Furthermore, it is very likely that it will not be limited to source materials of human origin only. Ultimately, the goal is to bring simplicity into everyday clinical lab life.

The new protocol is being developed by GeneSpector Innovations, an R&D spin-off company of Charles University focused on further development and clinical application of promising academic technologies in the field of laboratory diagnostics and therapy.

January 18, 2023, written by Vítězslav Brinsa and Zuzana Riedelová

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