Lab-On-Chip Technology

Imagine a world where clinical diagnostics is done with nothing but a credit card.

Accessibility of clinical diagnostics can be problematic and limited in both developing and developed countries. Reasons being high price point, lack of suitable infrastructure, necessity of sophisticated instrumentation, or limited capacities of diagnostic laboratories.

GeneSpector Innovations presents a solution providing a diagnostic method based on passive chips equipped with nanofluidic structures for complex sample work-up, analyte detection, and result visualization. Such methods can be performed anywhere—even in field conditions—with simple execution and without complicated instrumentation. Analysis can be robust with fast results and simple readout for a low price.

Possibilities are endless. From diagnosis of myocardial infarction via specific markers to diagnosis of infectious diseases. All that is needed is to apply a drop of a biological sample (e.g., blood, saliva, urine) and wait.



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