New applications of heme arginate

GeneSpector Innovations presents two novel, patent-protected treatment methods for HIV and SARS-CoV-2 infections utilizing heme arginate, which is a known compound currently used in treatment of acute attacks of hepatic porphyria.

It has been clinically proven by in vivo testing in HIV+ patients that application of heme arginate leads to a significant reduction of latent viral reservoir, i.e., overall number of infected T-cells, while being safe and well tolerated by the patient. Application of just one dose leads to a reduction of the latent reservoir by one third within two weeks. Application of the drug also stimulates patient’s immune system and causes expression of viral proteins in the infected cells, thus making them visible for the activated immune system and leading to natural elimination of infected T-cells.

Presented results suggest that a long-term treatment using heme arginate could lead to a complete cure of HIV+ patients, not just suppression of the infection as with current therapies.

In vitro studies using human cells infected with SARS-CoV-2 have shown that application of heme arginate reduces viral replication in infected cells 1,000-times. Additionally, presence of the compound increases survival rate of infected cells by 80 %, thus significantly reducing tissue damage.

Presented results suggest a significant potential of heme arginate in treatment of Covid-19 patients by decreasing their overall viral load and by protecting their infected tissues from damage.

 We are working tirelessly together with our academic and commercial partners to have this solution market-ready by 2026.

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