Severity Predictor for Infectious Diseases

GeneSpector Innovations presents an innovative diagnostic method capable of predicting severity of symptoms of infectious diseases days prior to their manifestation.

Spread of Covid-19 uncovered a significant drawback in diagnostics of infectious diseases. Human immune response can cause more harm than the related infection itself, and therefore treatments based on symptoms may come too late.

Severity Predictor utilizes a PCR-based detection of a specific biomarker in nasopharyngeal swabs. Higher levels of the biomarker are detectable days prior to manifestation of symptoms of an already ongoing infectious disease and the values are dependent on severity of the upcoming symptoms. This method can be used in any PCR-capable laboratory and is fast and simple to perform.

The method allows an early assessment of high-risk patients and, if necessary, a timely application of a suitable therapy. It also allows a real-time observation of efficiency of the applied therapy, since the biomarker levels actively react on any development in the course of the disease and naturally decrease when the treatment is successful.

Severity Predictor is suitable not only for Covid-19, but for any infectious disease of viral, bacterial, or fungal origin.

The method is fully developed and optimized for large-scale testing.

We are working tirelessly together with our academic and commercial partners to have this solution market-ready by 2023.


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