Nucleic Acid Extraction

GeneSpector Innovations provides a solution for fast, efficient, and effortless isolation of nucleic acids from biological samples.

viRNAtrap Extraction Kit presents a high-throughput system for both automatic and manual isolation of RNA and DNA based on magnetic nanobeads. The resulting high quality purified nucleic acids are free of proteins, nucleases, and other contaminants or inhibitors, and can be used in a wide range of downstream applications, such as PCR, RT-qPCR, NGS, and other enzymatic reactions.

The system has already been successfully applied and proven on millions of clinical samples. It is fully compatible with collection systems for nasopharyngeal swabs and saliva samples. Further, it can be used for isolation of nucleic acids from other sources, such as full blood, dry blood spots, plasma, serum, or urine.

viRNAtrap Extraction Kit provides following benefits:

  • Easy handling – The kit contains four solutions that can be transported and stored at room temperature.
  • Fast protocol – Whole extraction process, both manual and automated, is finished within 10 minutes, while high number of samples can be worked-up in parallel (g., in 96-well plates).
  • Feasibility in all types of laboratories – Small laboratories may isolate manually while large laboratories with huge testing capacities can use their current instruments.
  • Universal compatibility – Automated isolation is compatible with all open platforms on the market (TECAN, AGILENT Bravo, Thermo Fisher, and others).

The system for nucleic acid extraction is CE IVD certified and commercially available.


Isolation of viral RNA from nasopharyngeal swabs – IVDR (in cooperation with IMMUNOTECH s.r.o, Prague, Czech Republic)

Isolation of RNA/DNA from blood/plasma/serum/urine (in cooperation with IMMUNOTECH s.r.o, Prague, Czech Republic)

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