Diagnostics from Dry Blood Spots

GeneSpector Innovations presents a solution for simple and reliable diagnostics of various genetic disorders using dry-blood-spot sampling.

Dry blood spot is a convenient way for sampling, storage, and transport of blood samples. Few drops of blood, drawn by lancet from a finger, heel, or toe, are absorbed into a porous paper and air dried. Such samples are easy to handle and safe to store and transport. Subsequently, DNA can be isolated from the sample for further analysis.

This sampling system is fully compatible with viRNAtrap Extraction Kit.

GeneSpector Innovations presents dry-blood-spot diagnostics for Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) and Lysosomal Storage Diseases (e.g., Fabry disease, Danon disease). In such disorders, application of an efficient therapy requires an early diagnostic. Provided complex solution contains a sampling method based on dry blood spots ideal for a newborn screening as well as a complete set of tools for PCR-based and NGS-based molecular diagnostics.


Isolation of nucleic acids from dry spot blood

Protein Isolation from dry spot blood

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