ELISA-Based Method for Detection of MUC1 Protein in Biological Samples

GeneSpector Innovations presents a solution for a reliable and simple diagnosis of hereditary kidney disease ADTKD (Autosomal Dominant Tubulo-Interstitial Kidney Disease).

Tens of millions of people in the USA and EU alone have genetic predispositions to kidney diseases. Without a timely and proper treatment, diseases such as ADTKD can lead to a gradual kidney failure, requiring dialysis and even a transplant. Currently, diagnosis of such disorders requires expensive and complicated genetic testing that cannot be used for comprehensive and preventive screening.

Presented solution utilizes a specifically developed ELISA-based method for detection of form of MUC1 protein—which causes kidney failure in ADTKD patients—in blood plasma. The ELISA technique is time-proven, doesn’t require any complicated instrumentation, and can be performed even in makeshift conditions. Therefore, it can be used as a first, inexpensive step in complex nephrology diagnostics.

Unlike genetic testing, the ELISA-based method can monitor plasmatic levels of MUC1 protein in real-time. Therefore, it allows monitoring of disease progression as well as efficiency of an applied therapy.

The method is fully developed and optimized for large-scale testing.

We are working tirelessly together with our academic and commercial partners to have this solution market-ready by 2023.


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