viRNAtrap™ Collection Tube

viRNAtrap collection tube is the transport and storage medium for any biological sample. It has the ability to preserve the genetic integrity and expression profile of samples. The collected samples may be transported and stored at ambient temperature. The major advantage of viRNAtrap is that the medium completely inactivates infectious agents which is important for safe work. The collected sample is then suitable for other subsequent methods such as PCR, NGS and others.


  • inactivation of infectious agents
  • room temperature
  • long shelf-life
  • compatible with DNA/RNA isolation, NGS, PCR and other methods
  • compatible with POCT instruments like GeneExpert
  • 200 pcs in a box
  • phenol-free and non-toxic material in the medium that is critical for transport by air


GS-103 viRNAtrap™ Collection Tube – 200 pcs / 3 ml in a tube


We have designed our viRNAtrap™ Collection Tubes, viRNAtrap™ Extraction Kit, PCR kit for rapid COVID-19 detection to fit the needs of any laboratory. Our system provides a robust and safe solution for high-throughput COVID-19 diagnostics. therefore, We are therefore open to expand our current customer base by partnering with global players and/or channel partners from all geographies. Get in touch with us.

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